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Wednesday 22 May 2024 | 14:45 – 15:45 | Auditorium: Hamburg

Prof. Alain C. Masquelet wins the 2024 Meyer Award for Innovative Tissue Reconstruction.

Professor Alain C. Masquelet of Paris, France, has achieved the highest international recognition in orthopaedics by being awarded the prestigious Meyer Award. He becomes the second recipient which honors groundbreaking discoveries or “disruptive” innovative advancements benefiting orthopaedic patients, created by either an individual or a group.

Prof. Masquelet is recognised for his pioneering work in using the biological potential of a patient's own tissue to reconstruct soft tissue and bone defects.

EFORT is pleased to announce that the Meyer Award Ceremony will take place on 22 May 2024 in Hamburg and be followed by a session given by the laureate.

Prof. Masquelet will discuss the intellectual approach and creative process that have resulted in the contributions leading to this award, aiming to provide a foundation for future research and to inspire young participants.

The ResOrtho Foundation established the Meyer Award in memory of Dominik C. Meyer, an orthopaedic surgeon from the Department of Orthopaedics at Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich.

The Jury for the meyer Award is composed of representatives selected by leading international scientific societies: two each from the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT), the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), and Swiss Orthopaedics, while the Japanese Orthopaedic Association (JOA), the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA), and the ResOrtho Foundation appoint one member each.

Prof. Enrique Gòmez-Barrena, member of the Jury and Immediate past President of EFORT said «EFORT is honoured to support this global initiative emphasizing the invaluable orthopaedic advancements to improve the quality of life of humankind, in tribute to an outstanding European orthopaedic clinician and researcher.»

The award was presented for the first time to Prof. R. Ganz for his revolutionary contributions to joint preserving hip surgery. The triennial prize money will remain 100’000 CHF and is offered by the ResOrtho Foundation. Thereby the Meyer Award represents by far the most important award available in musculoskeletal medicine.

Prof. Alain C. Masquelet gave the Erwin Morscher Honorary Lecture in 2023 on “Misconducts in Science and medicine”.

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