Detailed Information

Session structure

This session format provides the opportunity to go through unconventional and challenging cases presented by the invited panel. An active discussion with the audience is raised in order to enrich the exchange and evaluate all kind of approaches for a difficult diagnose/management.

The moderator forms a discussion panel together with three invited members who present three uncommon cases each.

The first case discussed by each speaker presents some basic evidence to encourage the audience to integrate the discussion. The complexity of further cases increases to push forward the level of analysis.

When concluding the cases, documented evidence (references to published studies) supporting the options that were chosen are given.

A take-home message is delivered to greatly enhance the learning experience of the participants.

Duration: 60 minutes

  • 5-minute introduction of the main topic by the moderator/organiser.
  • 15-minute presentation by each of the three speakers. The cases are introduced as a crescendo of complexity where the first case easily allows the audience to find a possible treatment based only on the patient’s history, the results of examination and the pictures and/or x-rays shown. A specific discussion with each speaker is driven.
  • 10-minute general discussion.


  • Prosthetic Joint Infection: One Stage Vs. Two Stage Exchange.
  • Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty To Treat Elderly Fractures.
  • Chronic Elbow Instability.