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EFORT understands that in order to assess the relevance of your company exhibiting during 23rd EFORT Congress Lisbon 2022 – it is often useful to see which companies have exhibited at previous EFORT congresses. For your convenience, therefore, please find the complete exhibitor listings for the following annual congresses via the links below:

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Note* : The global Covid-19 pandemic forced EFORT to take the difficult decision to postpone the 21st and 22nd EFORT Annual Congresses that was formerly planned to be held in Vienna, Austria in June 2020 and June-July 2021 respectively.

Exhibitors Database 2022


EFORT invites you to browse through the Exhibitors Database of the 23rd EFORT Annual Congress Lisbon 2022 which represents those exhibitors that were present at the 2022 EFORT Congress held in Lisbon, Portugal from 22 to 24 June 2022.

EFORT Industry Database

ChM sp. z o.o.

Lewickie 3B
16-061 Juchnowiec Koscielny
Phone: +48 85 86 86 100
About Us

ChM sp. z o.o. means 40 years of experience in cooperation between engineers, medical community and research institutions in Poland and abroad, that resulted in comprehensive systems of implants and instruments for successful treatment of even the most complex injuries of the human musculoskeletal system. Drawing from the latest achievements in science and technology, we are constantly expanding our portfolio in 3 main segments: trauma, spine and craniofacial surgery.

The implants and instruments with ChM logotype ensure both the effectiveness of treatment as well as the comfort of the surgeon's work and mid-level employees in the operating theatre.

The company offers wide range of intramedullary nails and locking plates and some niche products, like bipolar radial head prosthesis KPS or fusion nail FN. Besides, ChM thoracolumbar spinal stabilization system CHARSPINE2 and sterno-costal plate are dedicated to manage injuries and other diseases of spine and thorax. The proof of our continuous research and development activity is the new radial nail, successfully being used in “loco typico” fractures of the radius.

Today, ChM means also ”tailor-made” implants – an indispensable solution for clinical cases, when other implants available on the market do not guarantee the success of treatment.

Our uncompromising approach to the quality is proved by ISO certificates annually validated by recognized international notified body TÜV and obtained CE sign.

More about our product portfolio: https://chm.eu/en/medical-solutions/products/

Area of Business: Orthopaedic Industry
Category: Medical Devices
Number of Employees worldwide: Over 400 employees
Founded in: 1981
Our 7.0ChLP locking plate system has been lately enhanced with 6 new locking plates dedicated for ankle arthrodesis. The multiple plate options: both shape and size optimize implant selection to fit a wide range of medical cases. Bevelled tips make the percutaneous insertion easier and chamfered plate borders minimize soft-tissue irritation. Bottom undercuts in the shaft part of the plates limit the bone-to-plate contact, thus provide better blood circulation of preimplant tissues. Special design of locking holes also prevents the soft tissue irritation. Each plate is supplied with: - K-wire holes for provisional plate positioning - oval-shaped compression hole that allows for temporary implant positioning and compression in both directions without losing the fixed position of the implant - special hole for inclined compression screw that gives the possibility of ankle joint compression. Positioning of the holes together with their pre-defined screw direction ensures collision-free screw insertion and enhance the stability of fixation.
Category: osteosynthesis - locking plates
DRONES – Distal Radial Osteosynthesis Nail Evolution System was designed with the cooperation and supervision of Maciej Piotrowski, MD, PhD. The intention was to find the solution that provides both: the stable fixation of comminuted fractures and smallest possible surgical traumatization of soft tissues. The use of well-known treatment philosophy promoted by Adelbert Kapandja and its development resulted in new implant. The osteosynthesis with new radial nail DRONES ensures early mobility and undamaged soft tissues do not hinder rehabilitation process and quick recovery of the wrist functions. Additionally, minimal damage to the blood supply of the bone fragments does not adversely affect bone union. The implant design facilitate anatomical reduction of fractures. Atraumatic nail tip simplifies insertion into intramedullary canal and chamfered borders of the plate part minimize soft-tissue irritation. Multiplane allocation of locking wholes in both shaft and plate parts of the nail allows for reconstruction of bone anatomy. The nail version with elongated plate part can be shaped using a bender for better implant adjustment to the anatomical curvatures of the bone.
Category: osteosynthesis
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