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Note* : The global Covid-19 pandemic forced EFORT to take the difficult decision to postpone the 21st and 22nd EFORT Annual Congresses that was formerly planned to be held in Vienna, Austria in June 2020 and June-July 2021 respectively.

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EFORT invites you to browse through the Exhibitors Database of the 23rd EFORT Annual Congress Lisbon 2022 which represents those exhibitors that were present at the 2022 EFORT Congress held in Lisbon, Portugal from 22 to 24 June 2022.

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175 Rue Jacquard
69730 Genay
Phone: +33 4 72 33 02 95
About Us

Lépine is a French company which has cultivated a single ambition since 1714: to become the chosen partner of the medical world. To do so, the company has continued asserting its commitment to preserve its independence and family values, which today allows it to make its own decisions and demand the best.

The groupe based in Genay, near Lyon, now has more than 450 working employees in its operational sites.

The complete internalisation of the manufacturing process allows for total control of its products and related requirements.

Based on expertise and a proven knowledge of the market, Groupe Lépine has been able to develop and improve safe and effective implants validated by a significant clinical history.

The company has also designed new solutions in response to modern and personalised treatment for pathologies.

Area of Business: Orthopaedic Industry
Category: Medical Devices
Founded in: 1740
The KNEO™ TKP is a posterior stabilized fixed bearing knee. The range of femoral implants is composed of 11 right and left sizes associated with an anatomical trochlea. The 11 tibial implants are characterized by a modular anatomical tibial tray with an homothetic growing keel surface. A millimeter articular surface benefits from a 4-point stabilization system on the tibial tray. The 5 available patella diameters will provide an optimal coverage. The precision and efficiency of the KNEO™ instrumentation set ensure a perfect implant alignment and sizing.
Category: Posterior Stabilized Fixed Bearing Knee Prosthesis
The MAÏA™ prosthesis is designed for prosthetic surgical treatment of rhizarthrosis. It consists of a hemispheric cup implanted in the trapezium, a modular neck and an anatomical metacarpal stem. It offers a full range of implants with the choice of single and dual mobility. It has a bilayer coating of porous titanium and hydroxyapatite for cementless fixation. Titanium neck are available for persons who are allergic to nickel.
Category: Trapeziometacarpal Joint Prosthesis
The cobalt-chromium alloy QUATTRO™ PnP cup is a dual mobility, cementless press-fit implant solution. The stability in rotation and tilting is increased through equatorial fins and tropical spikes (QUATTRO™ VPS HAP PnP version). A bioactive titanium-hydroxyapatite bilayer coating is applied using a vacuum plasma spray technique with an excellent industrial control. An innovative impaction plate is vacuum-preassembled with the cup.
Category: Acetabular Cup
The ROTAX™ is a rotating hinge knee prosthesis conceived and designed around an axis mechanism, which contributes to facilitating realignment, stabilisation, and mobilisation functions. The limitation of rotation protects the axes and sealing of the implants, while contributing to the stability of the knee extensor mechanism. The femoral implant is asymmetrical and available in right and left versions. The prosthesis is only cemented.
Category: Rotating Hinge Prosthesis
Femoral Stem
Category: The titanium alloy TARGOS™ self-locking femoral stem with collar is intended for a cementless implantation. It controls the sinking and preserves the spongy hip bone structure. It is available in 2 ranges of neck-shaft angles to meet morpho-adaptation needs. A bioactive titanium-hydroxyapatite bilayer coating is applied using a vacuum plasma spray technique with an excellent industrial control.
The titanium alloy TARGOS™ Mini self-locking femoral stem with collar is intended for cementless implants. It controls the sinking and preserves the spongy hip bone structure. This shortened stem provides a solution adapted to the indications of total hip arthroplasty in young active patients and is perfectly suited for a minimally invasive approach.
Category: Femoral Stem
The VISIOFIX™ locked palmar plate range is designed for the treatment of distal radius fractures. It includes 3 types of plate: - V1 plate, ambidextrous, for extra-articular fractures ; - V2 plates, lateralised, for articular fractures ; - V3 long plates, lateralised, for articular fractures. The wide viewing window allows control of fracture reduction. VISIOFIX™ ready-to-operate kit brings together in a single box the plate, the screws and the single-use instrumentation.
Category: Locking Volar Plate
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