How to get to Lisbon

The Lisbon Portela Airport is located 7km north from the city center of Lisbon. In Portuguese, it is referred to as Aeroporto de Lisboa.  Lisbon has several modes of transportation from the airport to the city center. It approximately takes 20 minutes by car or taxi. If you decide to travel by bus, you have to take the Aerobus 1,2 & 3. It approximately takes 45 minutes by bus. Lisbon's Metro is the cheapest and the quickest means of transportation from Lisbon Airport to the city center. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get from the Airport to the center.

There are a lot of airline companies operating at Lisbon Airport. The most notable airline companies ensure the connection between Lisbon and all corners of the world.

Lisbon is served by four main train stations: the Santa Apolonia, the Rossio, Barreiro and Cais do Sodre. The Santa Apolonia Train Station is the largest of all. It is the main terminal for trains which ensure the connection between Lisbon and north and east Portugal, as well as between Lisbon and international destinations like Madrid and Paris.

Travelling by car is the most time-consuming manners of traveling to Lisbon, first of all due the city’s geographical location on the west coast of the country, and secondly because you have to cross Spain.

Depending on the direction from which tourists head for Lisbon, they can take several motorways and national European roads.

People who come from the south take the A2 Motorway.

People who come from the east take the A6 Motorway and people who come from the north take the A12 Motorway.

The A5 Motorway is advisable for visitors who travel from the west.

Lisbon is an old city with narrow and winding streets where parking capacity is scarce. You are advised to park in one of the underground car parks.

Paid parking is applicable to the centre of Lisbon in three parking zones, the red zone, the yellow zone and the green zone.

A very important thing to keep in mind when parking in Lisbon is whether or not you’re parking in an area where trams pass. If a tram can’t pass due a to a parked vehicle, the car will be towed.

The public transportation system in Lisbon works quite well and is generally timely. The main means of public transport are Tram, Bus, Lifts and Metro. Flat fare on the buses is €2,00 and on the trams (streetcars) is €3,00 - cash paid on board. A single ticket on the metro is €1,50. There are a variety of passes available which reduce those costs. Details are available in English on the Carris website