Main Theme of the 16th EFORT Congress Prague 2015


Do orthopaedic surgeons who have never faced an infection exist?

In a bionic society the use of orthopaedic implants has become common practice and millions of patients have had their life changed with the help of these extremely successful procedures.

The result of our surgery can nevertheless be overshadowed by infection occurring in approximately 3-4 % of TJA and even more often after fracture fixation.

Infection will lead very likely to lots of suffering of the patient and can be extremely difficult and expensive to treat.

Awareness of the infection problem, knowledge on how to prevent it and the use of up to date diagnostics and treatment algorithms is paramount.

The goal of the EFORT meeting is to improve our overall performance in the prevention and treatment of this dreaded complication and thus lessen the burden of infection on our patients, or hospitals, our health system and last but not least on ourselves.

Main Theme 2015