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Oral presentations

Each Instructional Lecture is 30-minutes long: 25 minutes of presentation by the lecturer, followed by a short 5-minute discussion between the lecturer and the participants.

Instructional Lectures will be presented by groups of 2 in 60-minutes slots, based to linked sub-topics.


  • Osteotomies Around The Knee: Indication And Planning – 30 minutes
  • Osteotomies Around The Knee: Techniques And Outcomes – 30 minutes

Instructional Lecture with manuscript

Some highlighted Instructional Lectures that will be presented orally during the 20th EFORT Annual Congress Lisbon 2019 will also be accompanied by the corresponding peer-reviewed article, published in a special congress issue of the open access journal EFORT Open Reviews.

The special congress edition can be found in a print format included in the delegate’s bag or online. You may subscribe to receive monthly email alerts for the online issue of the EFORT Open Reviews.

21st EFORT Congress | Vienna, Austria | 10-12 June 2020
Programme for the Instructional Lectures (IL – 30 minutes)
Lecturers and schedules will be available on a later stage of the organisation process.

  • Frontiers In Non-union Research
    General Topics - Basic Sciences         
  • Modern Diagnostic Methods For Implant-related Infection
    General Topics - Systemic Disorders   
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy: an update
    General Topics - Methodology
  • Aseptic Bone Necrosis In The Foot & Ankle
    Orthopaedics - Foot and Ankle
  • Meniscus And Cartilage: A Life-Long Love Story
    Orthopaedics - Knee and Lower Leg    
  • Advanced Technique In Amputation Surgery And Prosthetic Technology
    Orthopaedics - Knee and Lower Leg
  • Trends In The Treatment Of The Infected Knee Arthroplasty
    Orthopaedics - Knee and Lower Leg
  • Sports Injuries In the Paediatric Athlete
    Orthopaedics - Paediatric Orthopaedics          
  • Evidence For New implants In Foot And Ankle Fracture Treatment
    Trauma - Foot and Ankle Trauma        
  • Intramedullary Compression Screw Fixation Of Metacarpal And Phalangeal Fractures
    Trauma - Hand & Wrist Trauma           
  • Distal Radius Fractures In Elderly
    Trauma - Hand & Wrist Trauma           
  • Glenoid Fractures
    Trauma - Shoulder and Upper Arm Trauma     
  • Diagnosis and Definition of Infection after Fracture
    Trauma - Varia Trauma           
  • Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning in Patient Care: False Hope or ..?
    General Topics – Implants, Biomaterials & Registry Study              
  • The Customized Surgery In Primary TKA
    Orthopaedics - Knee and Lower Leg    
  • Knee Arthroplasty  For Acute Fractures Around The Knee
    Trauma - Knee and Lower Leg Trauma           
  • Anterior Approaches To The Acetabulum - Which To Choose?
    Trauma - Varia Trauma
  • Proximal Femur Fractures In Patients Taking Anticoagulants
    Trauma - Hip & Femur Trauma
  • A Painful Unknown: The Sacroiliac Joint
    Orthopaedics - Spine   
  • THA in Sickle cell disease
    Orthopaedics - Pelvis, Hip and Femur
  • Hip Preservation
    Orthopaedics - Pelvis, Hip and Femur
  • Prevention of infection in primary THA & TKA
    Orthopaedics - Pelvis, Hip and Femur