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Fraudulent websites Alert 2023

The 24th EFORT Annual Congress 2023 will take place from the 24 and the 26 May 2023 in Vienna, Austria.

For our EFORT Annual Congress there is only ONE official way to register: our online registration platform!!

Please note that any other agencies and/or Websites offering registration and/or housing services are not approved by EFORT and could potentially be fraudulent!

EFORT would like you to be aware of fraudulent electronic correspondence (emails), webpages and websites using “Phishing” techniques.

Phishing being a type of fraud in which email messages, instant messages and websites are used to deceive individuals into providing confidential, personal information. The term itself is a play-on-words for “fishing,” the “ph” representing “password harvesting” – the idea that people will “take the bait” that is set for them and disclose personal information that can be used for credit card fraud and other serious violations of their privacy.

Once again – Only EFORT offer official, secure and guaranteed housing and registration solutions.

EFORT declines all responsibility in case future congress participants have provided personal information to fraudulent platforms.

Alert 2023

Message regarding usage fraudulent websites featuring the 24th EFORT Congress 2023

ATTENTION: Please be aware that there are fraudulent websites attempting to exploit the EFORT name. Ensure to ONLY use this official website:
https://congress.efort.org which is the official website of the 24th EFORT Annual Congress 2023.

Please also note that our appointed PCO: Congrex Switzerland Ltd., is the only official partner for registration and housing administration.

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