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VEC Exhibitors 2020


Although the 21st EFORT Annual Congress Vienna 2020 has been postponed until 2021, we are pleased to leave here the links and information of our existing corporate partners and exhibitors.

EFORT invites you to browse through the Exhibitors Database of the 21st EFORT Annual Congress 2020 which represents those exhibitors that have committed to and confirmed their presence at the 2020 EFORT Congress.

EFORT Industry Database


#612, 172, LS-ro
15807 Gunpo-si
South Korea
Phone: +82 31 479 1156
About Us

IMEDICOM CO., LTD. is a medical instrument company specializing in surgical power tools, saw blades and kyphoplasty, epidural catheter for spine. With certifications such as FDA 510(K), CE, ISO 13485, we have kept developing the technical products of the best quality. IMEDICOM CO., LTD. is committed to excellence in satisfying surgeon and patient needs through the delivery of innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Area of Business: Orthopaedic Industry
Category: Medical Devices
Number of Employees worldwide: 11-50 employees
Founded in: 2004
1. Bur
Round fluted & Diamond & Neuro Bur
2. Saw Blade
For large & small bone, reciprocating and sagittal blades
3. Zaguar / Leopard
Battery & pneumatic powered surgical system
4. EZX
To remove the Acetabular cup during hip revision surgery